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John De Boer

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John De Boer was born in Holland in 1948 and came to Canada in 1952. He earned a living as a welder and is now a welding instructor at Babcock & Wilcox.

John began to develop his creativity in his early twenties. He started creating wood carvings, jewelry, wooden miniatures, pen & ink drawings pastel portraits and poetry.

John has developed an interest in photography and has captured the scenes for two calendars. He has created his own Christmas card every year since 1975 which are collected by family and friends.

For the past 20 years John has been creating metal sculptures, most of which have found homes through charity auctions. John has completed three memorial park benches which are local installations.

His inspiration comes from finding and collecting unusual shapes of industrial scrap metal. John either lets the shapes of metal dictate his ideas or he looks for the shapes to suit his ideas. As he tacks metal pieces together, the work evolves into something unique making all his sculptures one of a kind.

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