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Lauren Wright

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I was born and raised in Guelph Ontario. I then moved to Toronto where I graduated from OCAD with a degree in drawing and painting. Through OCAD I had the chance to spend a year studying art history and creating work in Florence, Italy.
I have always had strong interests in anatomy, physiology, and neurobiology. The concepts of science versus spirituality and altered states of consciousness intrigue me. I am fascinated in particular with the brain’s capacity for imagination, delusion and dreams.
The dome architecture of Italy rekindled my interests in sacred and fractal geometry. Many of the churches were planned using the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence). This is the same ratio that can be seen in the pattern of sunflower seeds, the way a tree branch grows, or how the proportions of our bodies are organized. It was believed that when standing directly beneath the dome, one would be aligned in perfect harmony and feel the closest connection possible to God. It’s this idea of transporting oneself into different states of consciousness in the mind, while still being rooted in our bodies and reality, that interests me. My ultimate goal would be to give the viewer a chance to temporarily “escape reality” for the moment that they are involved in looking at the work.

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