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Linda Shantz

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Primarily self-taught, Linda Shantz's artistic education has come from hours of drawing time and direct involvement with the animals she so admires. She works predominantly in oil, and focuses on a variety of equine and canine subject matter, as well as commissioned portraits of all animals. In her paintings she strives not only to capture accurate anatomy, but the spirit of the animal as well.

Taking part in several juried shows across North America, Linda’s work has been recognized with several awards in various competitions, including the Oil Pastel Society’s “Beginnings” Show, New Jersey Equine Artists’ Association, Art Show at the Dog Show, Harness Tracks of America and the Draft Horse Classic.

In 2007, Linda was one of only eleven International artists selected to portray one of the past winners of the Dubai World Cup, and was invited to attend the resulting first-ever Dubai World Cup Art Auction and Exhibiton. Affiliations include the Equine Art Guild, Canine Art Guild, and Fine Art Society of Milton. Linda also works with a cause close to her heart, the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, donating both artwork and time to support fund raising efforts.

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