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Trevor Martin

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Trevor Martin was born and raised in the countryside close to the small town of Elmira, Ontario, where he still resides today. Since the tender age of 8 he has been experimenting with paint, constantly intrigued by the relationship between art and nature. Although he is now also a Registered Graphic Artist, he still finds it refreshing to escape the pressures and demands of life by relaxing behind his easel with a canvas and paintbrush. Trevor works with acrylic and oil and has experimented with various techniques and applications ranging from children’s book illustrations to large murals. Throughout the past years he has had the opportunity to paint many murals, nine of them installed at the Sunnyside Homes Retirement Centre, as well as an award winning maple syrup scene on display in Elmira.

Trevor says:
Throughout the years my style has constantly been developing as I explore different techniques and situations. I think my work is becoming more refined while still maintaining my own individual organic feel. I am always endeavoring to find ways to connect the beholder with my work, whether it is through their personal memories or wishful anticipation. Hopefully people can connect with my paintings and allow themselves to be captured by the beauty of nature and the Maker of it all.

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